Kaleidoscope Kitty

Handmade Wearable Art


The Idea

Kaleidoscope Kitty started when Christine, age 10, wanted a pair of earrings completely unique from anything she's ever seen. After a trip to the Mall of America bead store and some tinkering with dad's tools, a passion was started that changed her life. Christine is primarily a self taught artist with a natural interest in color, movement, and perfection. Curiosity has driven her to continue her craft, working to explore other mediums and types of art but jewelry continues to be her passion. One night when she was creating, she noticed her kitties all hung out while she would work, each one helping in their own way. Christine has a bright and vibrant style, in both her personality and artwork, and to combo with her love of her little assistants for the name made sense. Kaleidoscope Kitty (2002)

Style & Quality

Kaleidoscope Kitty chooses stones and styles that are both timeless and trendy.

All jewelry is created with Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, or Rose Gold Filled metals and using high vibe stones that have been been cleansed and blessed with Reiki. All stones are thoroughly smudged and reside in a high energy area of love and care. Jewelry is only created in a happy setting, (no bad moods) , and lots of singing and dancing.

It has been a lifelong dream to have people wear her work. Every big name starts from a small one… and she wants the world to wear her creations.

100% Handmade

All Items are handcrafted by Christine.

Crafting each piece to highlight the recipient’s own individuality and features, she buys her stones from the source as often as possible and hand-picks the elements she uses.

Current kitty assistants: Trevor, Tito, Lady, Tux and Ty.

I received your package and just wanted to say THANK YOU! What a dainty and beautiful piece! Much more amazing than I expected! And I LOVE the ruby stone w the rose gold. I am so happy about it. Just wanted to let u know : )
— Miriam