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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common questions you might have. If your question has not been addressed, please send a message

kaleidoscopekittyart@ gmail.com


Is your jewelry for boys or girls?

I like to think my jewelry is for all, and I love everyone to enjoy my work. If you like it, then its for you. The only one holding you back from wearing it is you. With that being said, my overall “style” leans a bit more delicate/feminine, and I do use myself as a size model, , so if you need another size, please message me before you purchase.

Will these stones bring me special powers?

Hm, Im not sure. I’d like to think the journey of the stones to me is something special, and to me, honoring that is important. I like to cleanse my stones and charge them with positive energy using song, dance, reiki and energy healing as I work. It is something I have done for a long time, but not until recently that I’ve understood the latter part of my process.

I get told time and time again, “I love your energy.’ And this is a small way I can share that with you. Each stone has been specially selected for this project. When I say, it can take up to an hour to choose one stone, I am honestly not joking. At all.

Also stones have been used for hundreds of years as talismans and totems of luck. It may be “mumbo jumbo”, but it isn’t hurting anyone if a specific necklace makes you feel on top of the world. Its like that Red dress, or those black pumps you own… you know the ones.

tl:dr - probably not, but no harm in supporting an artist who lovingly made it.

Why is handspun so darn expensive? I can buy yarn at common hobby store and get so many more skeins there.

Trust me kid, if I could make it for cheaper I would. First off, I am not a bigtime chain, but you already knew that! I buy from local farms, paying them reasonable rates for the product they provide. I source from artisan dyers, who have lovingly prepared the fiber to be spun. I then will spend upwards of 4-8 hours with each skein of yarn, drafting, spinning, and plying, to then wash and soak to set the twist and get it counted up and ready to sell. So yeah, handspun is expensive, and no, i dont want to knit you a handspun sweater for $30. ; )

Woah, this is nice. I should take care of this, no?

Good Idea! Here are some hot tips:

My jewelry is very durable, but not indestructible. Please adhere to these care instructions to insure many years of enjoyment.
* Sterling should be cleaned with a jewelry cloth, available online or at a fine jeweler
* Treat your jewelry like a treasure! I spent time and love on it, you should too. Appreciate the little things more.
* Do not soak your jewelry in any liquid.
* Don't Sleep, Shower, or Swim in your jewelry. - it wears down faster. And nothing in this world is permanent.
* I like to look cute at the gym too, please don’t wear my gear when you are getting buff. 
* Remove jewelry when working with cleaners and solvents.

For Yarn Care:
* Handwash Cold
* Lay Flat to Dry

Will this yarn make a sweater?

No, but you can use it to help make one. :) Handspun is great for single skein projects, weaving, scarves, hats, accessories, doll hair and so much more.

My ears are sensitive, can I use your jewelry?

Depending on your level of sensitive, yes! I use only high quality Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Filled and Gold Filled earwires and components and have had many clients tell me they cant wear other sterling (sounds crazy I know). I also list my materials on each listing, so there is no confusion.

If Sterling, RGF or GF still dont work, I have plastic earwires, niobium, and steel. Please send a message.

I follow you on Etsy, are you still selling there?

Yup! But I have skills and interests that don’t coincide with certain parts of their module. Like, I am a hula hoop teacher, and if wanted to share my latest video, I couldnt do that there… but HERE…

stay tuned.

its also way easier to organize jewelry, handspun, wearables, and buttons. : )

Do you sell in stores?

Yes! I have a list of all stores that stock Kaleidoscope Kitty. Not everyone stocks the same stuff, so its always a good thing to call and double check!

Do you wholesale?

Yup! Send me a message, we can chat about pricing, minimums and all those cool things.


Fun Fact: This website was made by a non website saavy person. I think i did pretty good.
— Kaleidoscope Kitty