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Christine Burnes

Welp, Ive finally done it.

My first real website with commerce, and its NOT etsy. This is kinda big. I have been a seller on etsy for over 11 years. I can tell you of a time where my work was posted on a rotating gallery of recently listed items. I remember days where my stuff would be on the front page for hours, and I would call my mom squealing with delight; “People were going to SEE my work,” or at least I thought. I have seen the site go from “difficult to post”, to “impossible to post” and then to “not so bad once you get a rhythm, i guess?”. Kinda a PITA if you ask me. And it shouldn’t have to be that way for a busy person such as myself who wants to do the creating thing.

Fast forward to present day, (I wont bore you with how etsy has changed, you can look that up on your own) I still have an etsy site. Its still a great source for sales and supplies, and they have a huge fanbase. I just want a site that is completely dedicated to all the work I do, and I am able to organize ALL of my passions in one space - (there are a LOT of them, I know) and after having the separate shop on pattern (part of etsy) and it not having all the options I needed, I decided to build my own! You know, cuz I have nothing else going on. And lets face it, I like to work with shiney things, and I honestly don’t spend a ton of time on the web, sooooo making a website is a big deal. I think its a big deal normally, but, this is exhausting, and I still dont know how I feel about it all. Was this a good decision? Did I design it ok? Did I waste my time? I’ve already had 2 meltdowns over it, and that was today! And then the comedown from all the energy, I just crash, and feel like I could sleep for days. Its not cute. Maybe this is why other people hire companies to design their websites.

So, look forward to products, designs, and more ME! Cuz Im all over this