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Why Selecting the Right Stone is Important to Me and My Work

littlesChristine Burnes

Occasionally, I'll hop on here and write a little something, and today, I have chosen to talk about my Littles Line.

Small single gemstones on a Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Filled or Gold Filled Chain. Sounds kinda basic and boring. Its not.

Stay with me here, I know metaphysical healing energy is NOT everyone's thing, and that is OK, BUT you should know this is part of my artist process that I have been curating for pretty much my entire life. Is it weird? Maybe, but its MY process.

A common question I get is , “what is a Little?” So I thought I would share a bit of my thoughts on what a Little is.  Littles are small and sometimes tiny gemstone necklaces that have one stone on a chain, made by yours truly. The stones have been carefully selected and only created with love and happiness intent. I regularly charge and smudge my studio with Paolo Santo. Not to a rigorous schedule, but whenever I feel its necessary (ie. If i have a cloudy feelings day) 

I have found my customers, much like myself, use these small treasures as a grounding point, a memorial piece, and good luck charms in tough times. These littles are SO SPECIAL.

But which one? Personally, I have a pretty large assortment of littles. I sometimes would match my outfits, but I always was more drawn to how they felt. Sometimes its a special sparkle, sometimes its the really cool colors that appear in nature to gain my attention. All of these are valid and real answers.  I choose my stone strands because they feel powerful- I don’t ask questions, my hands pick them. I sometimes just let my hands fumble around with what they like. Not every stone is selected to be in the Littles club. Every stone on a strand gets used, just not all the same way.

Last year on my Girl’s last day, the vet was coming over to the house, Girl* and I went up to the studio and made a final necklace together. I hadnt thought about what stone we were going to use, what properties it needed to have, I just wanted something we did together. Typically, when I make my stone choices, they can take up to an hour for one stone. I did not have such time. I panicked, and grabbed one of the first containers I could, Amazonite. I know lots of things, but I am gonna be honest, my brain only can handle so much knowledge. 

Stones, gemstones, and all their metaphysical properties is far too much knowledge that I would like to use elsewhere; and there are many valuable informative sites and books that can cover all those stones, meanings, colors, all of it. So I will point you to a site I often go to for reference, and send you to Amazonite.


Amazonite, hm. Did I randomly pick it, did she pick it or fate? 

Now, I wear my Amazonite every day. It helped me get thru some tough times, because I knew she was with me. Last week I broke my chain when I put on my winter scarf. The meltdown was real, and it was strong. It came over me like an ocean of sadness, and so instantaneously. These are more than just tiny stones, they are something special.

I find that I will have dreams of wearing a particular “little” and when I look up the metaphysical properties, more often than not, the stone properties are what I’ve needed in my life.  Being open to the idea of healing stones is I think more the message than anything. If you allow the earth to talk to you, it can say some beautiful things. It’s been saying things for thousands of years, and it has more to teach us. 

* Girl is my original Kaleidoscope Kitty. She gave me the idea of the name when I made jewelry on my recliner back in 2002. She battled kidney insufficiency like a champ and was present on almost every piece of jewelry I made. She's Important to my business, and i miss her dearly.