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Loving that Minnesota weather for outdoor shows.... NOT

Christine Burnes

Hi everyone! I’ll also be posting about this thru my other social media outlets as well, but for those who like to read, I got some special stuff going on in here that you dont wanna miss!

First off, I again want to thank you for reading. Your support is essential, and even just sharing my name, Kaleidoscope Kitty, is a huge help to me and my goal. <3

This summer I set off to do a show in July called “Art at the Falls” put on by Homespun. I have been working so hard on new products, expanding my knowledge and skillset, and overall wanting a well rounded booth that can accommodate all price points. I was so ready and so very excited. The weather predicted rain, but man oh man, did we get pummeled. We showed up, ready to go, positive attitudes and everything. The rain started as we got the tent out and up, and it wouldn’t stop. We luckily had weights to hold down the tent, as the wind picked up and water started to pool up in the reserved spots around my booth. The weather wasn’t going to calm down any time soon, and it was only going to get worse. The organizers of the event had to make the call, and they really did the right decision, it was dangerous, and gross out, neither of which people want to shop in.

The event cancellation kinda crushed me, spending a bunch of time, money, and effort to have it all be what feels to be wasted. Products needed new tags, and cards, costing money. I don’t do many shows, so when one gets canceled its kinda a big deal for me. As an artist who also can have bouts of depression, this scenario gets rough and real, real fast. Thank my lucky stars, the organizers were so generous in offering another try of the show, but this time in October! October is a great month, right? We’ll have great weather and I will have more opportunities to showcase even more of my line. TONS of new rings, new FLUSH-SET gemstone jewelry for the holidays, and some of my very favorites were going to be for sale. I was ready!

Aaand then October 5 happened. The weather was cold, and rainy, and predicted to rain all day. Even with the 5 layers I had on, the dry sweatshirts in the truck, my fleece-lined tights, and hot coffee, I was going to be miserable, but we still showed up with a smile on, and a great attitude.

We managed to get the tent up, and started hauling tables in, but honestly, who was going to shop in a puddle of mud, even if the rain stopped? What happened if the wind picked up my jewelry cards and tossed them on the ground ? SO many other artists have backed out already, and the show started in 30 minutes, did I want to be miserable and cold the whole day, or should we pack up and hopefully salvage the crummy day? The event still went on, but I decided for everyone involved that we should back out of the show, for health and safety reasons. I’m glad we did, because I feel like my body is trying to fight a cold now, but now I have had 2 shows canceled, shows that I don’t do many of, booth fees that don’t get refunded, and now I am sitting on loads of new product, and a sad face. Feel bad yet? Don’t! You the reader, since you’ve made it THIS far, get access to a special discount that is only available for reading this blog post!!! If you use “RAINSUX” to get a super deal (and a huge smile and thankyou from me) that is only available this month of October. Help me and help yourself get holiday gifts taken care of! And as always share share share.

Thank you!

Ooooh! And I am taking a class this Saturday! Stay tuned to my IG for details on what I am making <3